Signature Serves

Classically conceived and perfected with our help, these signature serves are the perfect way to enjoy 58 Gin. Our gin is characterised by its pungent aromas of juniper, candied ginger, zesty lemon, coriander, cubeb pepper, and ending with a superbly clean, soft mouthfeel. It truly is the epitome of the perfect balance.


  • 50ml 58 Gin
  • 25ml Martini Rosso
  • 15ml Martini extra dry Vermouth
  • 5ml Luxardo Maraschino liqueur
  • 1 dash Angostura aromatic bitters
Stir ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass

French 75

  • 60ml 58 Gin
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice
  • 6ml sugar syrup
Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Top with champagne.

Clover Club

  • 35ml 58 Gin
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice
  • 25ml egg white
  • 15ml dry vermouth
  • 10ml raspberry syrup
  • 5ml sugar syrup
Combine all and shake. Add ice and shake again. Strain into large chilled coupette glass.


  • 50ml 58 Gin
  • 10ml Noilly Pratt Stir all over ice.
Pour into chilled glass and garnish with a lemon twist.