58 Gin - London Dry

Handcrafted London Dry Gin

A handcrafted London dry with a sophisticated flavour combination providing a wonderful balance between citrus & savoury.


Juniper, softly balanced with the capsicum- eucalyptus aromas from the cubeb pepper on the nose, 58 sings a confident Juniper note, backed up by the inviting capsicum- eucalyptus aromas from the cubeb peppers.


Spice, rolling through to fresh juniper and rising citrus in the mouth, the tongue is greeted with a hint of pickle and spice, before maturing through soft juniper and rising citrus from the elegant bergamot.


Dry, elegant citrus peel, delicately floral. The finish holds a lingering dryness, with floral essences and citrus peel, drawing the drinker back in for more.